A more practical guide to living

Those who consider people “social animals,” by distorting Aristotle’s view, jump stage two and improperly form relationships. Their relationships for the sake of relationships, based on selfless dependence on a partner, either do not last long or are a thoroughly painful experience through which they patiently live their whole wretched lives. People who are merely bodies by themselves but relationships when with others miss a crucial component: consciousness. Continue reading


Towards New Ethics

The way epistemological physicalism works is by integrating metaphysics into the conceptual level of epistemology, thus using it to metaphysically necessitate the physical experience of sense perceptions that occurs naturally (Figure 4). However, reality is grounded in physicalism, just as in the sciences, and not merely in the materialism of such Kantian groups as the transhumanists. The quantum sciences with their views of particles lose their imposed contradictions when they are philosophically integrated into the perceived reality that can be seen with our naked eyes. The conceptual, theoretical principles play an important role in this integration as well as show humankind the way towards building a better tomorrow and helping us live happier, more enlightened lives. And we start exploring the far-reaching metaphysical principles — our purpose — as we pave the way to them with the exemplary basics — the ethics of epistemological physicalism. Continue reading