The case for metacategorical transcendence

One interesting and important finding that I derived from my categorical research is that we need to differentiate not just people but their mental structures from their own categorical specifications of these structures. The Diagram shows that there are a priori structures into which we are all born, and yet you can see that each individual within these structures is unique and differentiated from others. This comes from the fact that each individual creates their own categories (ideas) that they develop on their own and due to influences or inspirations from others. However, we need to notice that these internal distinctions of categories are not, in fact, categorical and therefore not a priori as Kant argued. I am writing this in order to show that the distinction of structure versus category (a form of content) is more important because it is a priori in regard to distinctions of categories within each individual’s philosophical worldview. Continue reading


Towards New Metaphysics

The Model is the relationship between Nonexistence and Existence. Without the two, the Model would seem like a bunch of words scrambled together that have no relations or connections. Nonexistence (the “time” fragment of absolute nothing) is an implicit concept along with Existence (the ultimate superset, or absolute everything). Here is a way to conceptualize it in three operative steps. Continue reading