Nonlinear thinking: the missing link

The truth is always greater than us. Whether separately or united, we are parts of the truth. This means that none of us can wholly grasp the truth, but we can find ways that lead us toward it. One way I found has been in my consciousness since I was 22. I know this as nonlinear thinking, after being disenchanted with linear algebra and linear circuits at university. I thought back then that I needed to share this kind of thinking with the world. And I wanted to teach it, but I didn’t know how. Even with having 40 posts on this blog and 280 categorized individuals, I still don’t know how to explain this process of thinking, which is a crucial parameter in my methodology, as we’ve learned in reasoning about the Diagram, yet I want to try. I don’t guarantee that I would be able to explain it, but I will try. Maybe, with everything on my blog, this piece won’t clarify the whole, but maybe it would. Continue reading


The ideal of the feminine: the integrative aesthetic of Whale Rider

Before proceeding to read, please see Whale Rider (2002). This is going to be not a review but an aesthetic analysis, which may reveal wonder, as when Pai thinks, “it’s quiet down deep” (just listen to it). Even so, it’s hard to cover everything in this movie, so be prepared for my patent scattering of thoughts. Continue reading