Some notes on theology

Writing on theology that I started last March led me to believe that there is a possible subjective theology that can be developed by each individual’s means of imaginative psyche. Out of all the branches of philosophy, only theology truly needs to be subjective. What I’ve seen with this theology remains a fact that does not conform to or deny any philosophical position. In other words, a subjective theology is not only a theology that can bridge the gap between atheists and theists but also a theology that surpasses individual philosophy because it is independent[1] from philosophy per se. I want to know what else we could derive from such a theology. Continue reading


A more practical guide to living

Those who consider people “social animals,” by distorting Aristotle’s view, jump stage two and improperly form relationships. Their relationships for the sake of relationships, based on selfless dependence on a partner, either do not last long or are a thoroughly painful experience through which they patiently live their whole wretched lives. People who are merely bodies by themselves but relationships when with others miss a crucial component: consciousness. Continue reading